I'm thrilled to know that the Disability Rights Association of Goa is reaching its 20th anniversary on October 22, 2023, and is commemorating the milestone with a published souvenir. It's crucial in today's world to foster an inclusive society, ensuring equal chances for the growth and well-being of individuals with disabilities. I strongly believe in empowering them through rehabilitation schemes and creating an environment that offers equal opportunities, safeguarding their rights to enable their independent and productive participation in society. My heartfelt best wishes go out to everyone involved in the Association's 20th Anniversary celebration for a successful event!

P.S. Sreedharan Pillai

Governor of Goa

I'm happy to hear about the Disability Rights Association of Goa's (DRAG) publication of a Souvenir marking its 20th Anniversary. I appreciate the association's ongoing efforts to integrate individuals with disabilities into mainstream society through various engaging initiatives. Their work in raising awareness, advocating with the Government, and collaborating with similar organizations in Goa is commendable. The Goa Government's support for empowering individuals with disabilities is evident through initiatives like the 'Purple Fest', showcasing the strengths of differently abled individuals. The dedication of DRAG to foster inclusivity in Goa is truly admirable, and I extend my best wishes to all the members for their future endeavors.

Dr. Pramod Sawant

Chief Minister, Goa

I'm delighted to learn that the Disability Rights Association of Goa is celebrating 20 years of dedicated service, working tirelessly to integrate individuals with disabilities into Goa's mainstream society. Over the past two decades, I've witnessed firsthand their remarkable efforts in empowering people with disabilities. Their work showcases that with support from both society and the government, individuals with disabilities can achieve great heights and contribute significantly to society. Their advocacy in areas such as education, employment, and accessibility has been exceptional. I extend my heartfelt best wishes for their future endeavors and wholeheartedly support their cause. I encourage society to join hands with them in creating a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities in Goa.

Shripad Y. Naik

Minister Of State For Ports, Shipping, Waterways & Tourism

It's truly heartening to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Disability Rights Association of Goa (DRAG) under the exceptional leadership of Mr. Avelino De Sa. DRAG has been instrumental in advocating for various disability-related issues, raising awareness, sharing resources, and collaborating with like-minded organizations for the welfare of disabled individuals in Goa. Their efforts have significantly alleviated the challenges faced by the disabled community and garnered recognition, including prestigious awards like the Godfrey Phillips Bravery Award and the Goa State Award for Disabled Welfare. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to DRAG, especially its Chairman, on this milestone, and eagerly anticipate their continued exemplary service in the years to come, looking forward to DRAG's Silver Anniversary.

Francisco C Sardinha

Member Of Parliament

Celebrating Disability Rights Association of Goa's 20 years is a moment of immense pride. Your advocacy has significantly impacted Goa, promoting rights for persons with disabilities. This anniversary marks not just accomplishments but tremendous growth and dedication. Your perseverance, passion, and patience have propelled this journey, shaping dreams into reality for thousands. I extend heartfelt gratitude to all members, associates, and friends for their unwavering commitment. Happy 20 years! The Hon'ble Commission stands firm, offering continuous support and encouragement to the Disability Rights Association of Goa. Your dedication remains an inspiration for the years ahead.

Peter F. Borges

Hon'ble Chairperson
Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights

On behalf of Ezy Mov, India's pioneering wheelchair taxi company, congratulations on your 20th anniversary! Your unwavering service to Goa's differently-abled community is commendable. Your tireless advocacy and inclusive initiatives have truly impacted lives. Your role in lobbying for disability-friendly policies has made Goa more accessible and inclusive, setting a standard for India. Your organization stands as a beacon of hope, empowering individuals with disabilities. Wishing you ongoing success in your endeavors, inspiring many to achieve their fullest potential. Your dedication resonates, and we're honored to witness your remarkable journey in enhancing the lives of the differently-abled.

Bennet D'cunha



On behalf of TIES, hearty congratulations on DRAG's 20th anniversary! Your dedication to advocating for disability rights and fostering inclusion is remarkable. DRAG's pivotal role in societal change has created a world where individuals with disabilities are not just acknowledged but fully embraced. Your commitment to empowerment is commendable, evident in the impactful awareness campaigns and policy influence in Goa. Your advocacy has driven legislative changes and shifted societal perceptions, fostering a more inclusive environment. Kudos to Avelino de Sa and the DRAG team! May your passion continue to inspire and create positive change, truly transforming the lives of people with disabilities.

Dr. Vandana Parulekar

TIES- Towards Inclusion Everywhere in Society

Congratulations to Disability Rights Association of Goa (DRAG) on 20 impactful years serving Goa's disabled community. DRAG's pioneering advocacy and awareness initiatives set a remarkable precedent. Wishing them continued success in their endeavors for the welfare of persons with disabilities. Their dedication and pioneering efforts have significantly contributed to raising awareness and fostering inclusivity. Best wishes for their continued journey in championing the cause and enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities in Goa.

Sandhya Kalokhe

Disha Charitable Trust

I humbly acknowledge and praise God for Disability Rights Association of Goa's exemplary advocacy for disabled rights over the past two decades. DRAG stands as a confident voice, not just within the disabled community but also in sensitizing the public about disability rights. The PWD Act 2016 bolstered DRAG's efforts in securing these rights. I wish the Executive Team and collaborators continued fervor in representing disabled issues before governance. May DRAG expand its service, ensuring every individual with disabilities attains rightful inclusion in Goa. Their dedication remains a beacon for disability rights advancement and empowerment.

Fr. Maverick Fernandes


Caritas - Goa

Heartfelt congratulations to Disability Rights Association of Goa on your momentous 20th anniversary! As President of the Hemophilia Society Panaji Chapter, I extend our warmest wishes to your dedicated team. Our collaboration has been invaluable, aiding our awareness campaigns and enhancing disability understanding in Goa. DRAG's partnership has been crucial in fostering inclusivity. A special commendation to founder Avelino de Sa Sir for his remarkable dedication and interventions in addressing disability injustices. His passion inspires us. We eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership, working together for a more inclusive Goa. Cheers to DRAG's impactful journey, and here's to many more years of positive influence.

Sarita Chavan

Hemophilia Society Panaji Chapter

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