Disability Rights Association of Goa (DRAG) is a disabled persons organization started 20 years ago with the main objective of bringing people with disability into the mainstream society. We are Goa's 1st disabled persons organization. We are also the first organization in Goa working for persons with disability to highlight disability related issues on the social media.

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The Disability Rights Association Goa celebrates 20 years of service despite facing challenges. The association's resilience and determination in overcoming these hurdles define its remarkable contribution to society. They're commended for embracing Saint Francis of Assisi's philosophy of progression and Theodore Rubin's view on challenges. The focus is on acknowledging their accomplishments while recognizing there's more to achieve. The association is encouraged to continue their journey, drawing inspiration from Stephen Hawking's advice to excel in areas not limited by disabilities. The aim is to shift perspectives, emphasizing abilities over limitations, similar to the Supreme Court's handbook combating gender stereotypes. Encouragement is extended for the association to lead in raising awareness and sensitivity toward differently abled individuals, with the offer of support from the Goa Legal Services Authority.

Justice Mahesh S. Sonak

Executive Chairman
Goa State Legal Services Authority

The Disability Rights Association of Goa celebrates its 20th anniversary, marking a milestone in advocating for the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities. Acknowledging the relentless dedication of the DRAG team, this commemoration highlights their accomplishments in empowering individuals with disabilities in Goa. The Commissioner for Persons with Disability emphasizes their commitment to creating an inclusive society, showcasing various initiatives from accessible infrastructure to inclusive education and employment advocacy. Despite criticism overshadowing progress, there's recognition of significant advancements in accessibility, awareness, and inclusivity. However, the focus remains on the continued effort towards a more inclusive society, inviting collaboration from all segments of society to achieve this shared goal. Gratitude is extended to partners and supporters, emphasizing the collective commitment to champion disability rights for a brighter, more inclusive future in Goa.

Guruprasad R. Pawaskar

State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities

I want to express my immense gratitude on behalf of my family and me for your generous support. I truly acknowledge the significant impact of your dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. Your courageous advocacy, education, and efforts to raise awareness, especially against local harassment, are highly commendable. Your commitment to creating an inclusive environment has significantly improved my quality of life, providing crucial resources and opportunities. Your support addressed immediate accessibility needs and created new possibilities, making it easier for my senior citizen parents to assist me. I want to give special recognition to specific individuals within your organization for their outstanding efforts. I want to conclude by offering heartfelt thanks for your ongoing support and dedication, recognizing the positive change you've brought to my life and your broader contribution to fostering a more understanding and supportive community for everyone.

Luiza Lobo

Registered Psychotherapist
Ontario, Canada

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